Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour Show Off Their Couple Disguises

Who’s that girl?

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin met and fell in love on “Bachelor in Paradise,” but they couldn’t exactly be open about their relationship status for a few months because Season 6 had yet to air. So, in order to spend time with each other without spilling any secrets, they turned to disguises.

Hannah posted photos and videos of their attempts at going incognito, which involved three different wigs. She captioned the post, “Meet Jackie, Dylan’s date to a 4th of July party at the lake this summer in secret. Hey @dylanbarbour wanna go back to the days when we would run around in costumes to prevent spoiling?”

Hannah and Dylan described the looks to “Bachelor Nation” at the “Bachelor in Paradise” reunion and gave brief descriptions of the red, blonde and brunette wigs. The blonde one “is Demi [Burnett]’s length” whereas the redhead one has “a middle part and curls that are perfectly sculpted like ringlets.”

Dylan told “Bachelor Nation” at the time, “Whenever go out and she’s in a disguise, I still yell that I’m engaged anyways and no one cares. It’s just 2 randos on the street yelling. It’s going to be nice to do that and not get in trouble for it.”

Season 23 Bachelor Colton Underwood posted about his attempts at being disguised with Cassie Randolph after his season wrapped up. He shared a photo in April of himself with fake facial hair, a red hat, a red sweatshirt, and giant glasses.

Hannah and Dylan have fully embraced their relationship status and the glee of not having to hide it anymore. A few days after the “Paradise” season finale aired, the happy couple flew to Paris for a romantic trip, where they drank champagne in the Champagne region, dined on classic French cuisine, and soaked up the famous sites.

Their love feels just about as real as it gets. In an interview with “Bachelor Nation,” Dylan and Hannah talked about some of their daily rituals during “Paradise.” The Alabama native told us, “Every day, first thing in the morning, we would see each other for breakfast. We knew what each other wanted; it’s just a little thing, but it was always ‘I’ll meet you at breakfast.’”

Dylan said of their ritual, “Eating breakfast together every morning was really, really nice.”

Whether or not they’re in disguises, Hannah and Dylan’s love surely can’t be hidden.


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