Wells Adams Supports Fiancée Sarah Hyland During Hospitalization

Wells Adams sat steadfast by his fiancée Sarah Hyland’s side as she was hospitalized on Sunday.

The “Modern Family” star posted a few videos from her hospital bed, one of which focused specifically on Wells. The video itself was merely Wells reacting to an Instagram face filter. Sarah told him, “Oh, my God, you’re like an Instagram model now.”

He responded, “This is what Instagram models look like? I look like I got punched in the face.”

She then put the filter on herself and repeated the comment about looking “like an Instagram model.”

Sarah Hyland / Instagram

Sarah Hyland / Instagram

Other than those two videos, Sarah also shared a selfie from her bed, showing some medical cords that were connected to a patch on her chest.

The 28-year-old did not reveal why she went to the hospital. Overall, she has been very open about her many medical issues. She’s undergone two kidney transplants, dialysis, and also suffers from endometriosis. Sarah opened up to Self magazine in December about her health history and about how her many surgeries left her “very depressed.”

Sarah Hyland / Instagram

Sarah Hyland / Instagram

Her dad donated his kidney to her in 2012, but that organ began failing a few years later. She started dialysis in 2017 and her dad’s kidney was removed because it was making her extremely ill. Her brother then donated one of his kidneys to her later that year.

As grateful as she was, Sarah discussed the underlying darker thoughts that came with the second transplant. She told Self at the time, “I was very depressed. When a family member gives you a second chance at life, and it fails, it almost feels like it's your fault. It's not. But it does.”

Her flourishing career as an actor, her family, her dogs, and, of course, Wells, helped her get through those tough times. In fact, her relationship with Wells began right around the same time as her second transplant. They truly have a modern love story, as it all blossomed on Twitter and in DMs. Sarah told Self that they “met each other for the first time three days before my transplant.”

Wells and Sarah’s relationship is so strong because, according to her, “he’s seen me at my worst.”

She added, “I think that's why I feel the most beautiful in his eyes, because he still finds me beautiful after seeing all that.”

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Wells proposed to Sarah in Fiji and they announced the happy news on Instagram on July 16. He popped the question with a pear-shaped Lorraine Schwartz ring.

According to Us Weekly, the airport TSA almost spoiled his plan while they searched his bag. Wells told the magazine that he hid the ring in his drone case, which had to be inspected in Fiji. He explained, “I was really scared that they were going to open the drone case and she was going to see the box that said LS and it was going to be over.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” bartender apparently asked the TSA worker if they could do the bag check in another room. He said, “When we got in there, I was like, ‘'Hey, man, there’s an engagement ring in there, play it cool.’”

His stealth maneuvering seemed to work out just fine in the end.

Get well soon, Sarah!


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