Sean and Catherine Lowe Shared the Sweetest Throwback During Family Vacation

“Sleepless in Seattle” took on a new meaning when Catherine and Sean Lowe came into town with their two sons Samuel and Isaiah. The family of four traveled to Catherine’s hometown for her best friend’s wedding, and they hit all the hot spots. From Pike Place Market to Whidbey Island, the four Lowes took in the city, making for a nice, long getaway.

The father of two (and soon to be three!) posted a photo on Instagram of his two boys sitting atop the bronze pig statue outside Pike Place Market. That artwork holds a special and nostalgic meaning in Sean and Catherine’s hearts. Sean shared a then-and-now style of photo with their current family snapshot right before a blurry photo of the two of them on Hometown Dates when he was the Bachelor.

“Catherine and I sat on this pig in front of Pike Place Market on her hometown date nearly seven years ago,” he wrote. “Now we have 2 kids and one on the way. What kind of evil voodoo does this thing possess?”

Both Catherine and Sean shared updates throughout their time in the Pacific Northwest. Catherine, for instance, added a photo to her Instagram Story of them at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport waiting for their flight. “It’s all fun and games until someone poops their pants,” she wrote. Uh-oh!

The 35-year-old also uploaded a sweet photo of himself smiling with Catherine before her friend’s wedding. Unsurprisingly, Sean added a quippy caption to it. “It’s amazing how beauty seems to never fade for some. After being married to her for over five years, I still look as good as I did on day one,” he wrote.

Sean and Catherine will soon be traveling as a family of five, not four. On June 19, the happy parents announced that they are expecting their third child together. Sean posted a photo of the four of them with Catherine cradling her baby bump. “The first two have been pretty cool, so why not a third?” he captioned it.

They are apparently waiting to find out the sex of their child, but are hoping that it’s a girl. Catherine told “People” a few days after the big news, “I definitely am praying very hard for a girl. I’m trying to think girl thoughts.”

She added, “I’m going to love this baby no matter what. I’m going to find out when I meet it and love that baby.”


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