Hannah Brown Reminisces on Her Time as Bachelorette as Season Draws to a Close

It’s almost time for Hannah Brown to hang up her Bachelorette sash and tiara.

Hannah’s season of “The Bachelorette” culminates on Tuesday, July 30. Part one of her season finale starts on Monday, July 29. The finale begins with Hannah’s penultimate rose ceremony, which Luke Parker crashes. From there, she’s left with Pilot Peter, Tyler, and Jed, and ultimately narrows it down to her top two. It’s been a nail-biter of a season and viewers look forward to seeing who will receive Hannah’s final rose on Tuesday night. As “The Bachelorette” Instagram aptly wrote, “All of the rumors will be put to rest.”

On Monday, Hannah started posting a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures from her time on the show. She reminisced on what it was like being the Bachelorette — both the good and the bad.

“The end is near,” she said in an Instagram Story video. “This is the last time I’m going to grace your televisions on a Monday night. They’re kicking me off or something. Either I’m sorry or you’re welcome, but don’t worry! I’ll be back again tomorrow night. And then I’ll be done.”

Hannah also posted a tribute to “The Bachelorette” producers and how they’ve stuck with her through it all.

Hannah wrote in her caption, “feeling all the feels because they are about to kick me off your television, and it’s becoming real that these people have to move on to another rose handler. These brave souls have been through it y’all. they seen the breakdowns, the meltdowns, the breakthroughs, and witnessed ‘beast mode’ that could never be aired on national television.”

The former Miss Alabama USA then defended the producers and squashed any talk that they put the show’s interests before her own. Hannah asserted, “regardless of what any outsiders might think, my producers (and all the people behind this show for that matter) put everything into making sure I shine, I’m fulfilled, and loved during this journey.”

Hannah wrote she is “so thankful for this group of humans,” but also “sorry for making y’all cry sometimes with my fury, and for always being late.”

Hannah has kept it very real throughout the course of the season, both onscreen and off. She’s live-tweeted on Monday nights, making those laughable moments even funnier and sadder moments even more sorrowful.

She posted a GIF of herself picking up the rose stand to get away from Luke and wrote “I move my own furniture.” Hannah also clapped back at Luke when she replied to his tweet, “i have never said that i find my sin funny. i’m not going to lectured on appropriate emotional responses by a guy who threw deli meat in a guys lap.”

Another tweet about an earlier episode read, “when mom starts off with ‘I don’t want to make you feel bad but...’ it’s not good.”

It’s all a part of what makes Alabama Hannah such an endearing and real Bachelorette. We’ll sure miss her many innuendos.

“The Bachelorette” finale airs Monday, July 29, and Tuesday, July 30 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

How will it all end?!


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