Rachel Lindsay Wants You to Know She Has 'No Problems With Hannah B.'

Rachel Lindsay wants to clear the air about any misconceptions people may have about her feelings for the Bachelorette, Hannah Brown.

Back in March, the Season 13 Bachelorette was asked about her thoughts on Hannah being named the next Bachelorette. She told Us Weekly at the time, “I think Hannah B. is very, very nice. If I was 23 and in that house, I would have the time of my life. If she happens to find love, that’s great! But she wasn’t my first choice or my favorite.”

Now, Rachel is making it known that she has no qualms whatsoever with this season’s leading lady. In fact, she finds Hannah’s season “quite entertaining.” The 34-year-old shared her thoughts on Bachelor Nation’s new podcast “Bachelor Happy Hour With Rachel and Ali.”

Rachel explained to her co-host Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, “The reason why I said I wasn’t thrilled was because one, I was caught off guard on the red carpet — which should never happen — but, two, because I was such a proponent of an older Bachelorette. I never thought they would reach back and pick seven, or eight or whatever Hannah was.”


Rather, Rachel was hoping the show would “do for the women what they’ve been doing for the men on ‘The Bachelor,’” which meant picking an older lead. “That’s all I meant by that,” she said on the podcast.

Rachel added, “Everyone has their own journey — whether that be a journey of love, a journey of heartache, or a journey of self-awareness and learning who you are — and that’s what I feel like we’re getting from Hannah. I’ve enjoyed watching her come into her own. I have no problems with Hannah B. None whatsoever. I truly have enjoyed watching her season. I find it quite entertaining.”

So there you have it!

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