Becca Kufrin Reveals Why Garrett Yrigoyen Wasn't at Chris & Krystal's Wedding

There’s no reading between the lines here. Becca Kufrin is sharing the real reason why her fiancé Garrett Yrigoyen did not attend Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s “Bachelor in Paradise” nuptials, and it’s not as complex as people think.

The Season 14 Bachelorette explained in a series of Instagram Story videos that she’s been receiving a ton of DMs since the wedding aired on the August 27 episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.” She said all the messages were "kind of annoying me because we are all still individuals and still like doing our own thing.”

The truth is that Garrett “had a surprise birthday party that weekend.” However, Becca said, it was “fine” because she was able to “catch up with people like Tia [Booth], Kendall [Long], Chris & Krystal, Bibiana [Julian], and all the lovely people I haven’t seen in a while.”

Becca reminded her followers that just because she and Garrett are engaged, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily tied at the hips. “It’s okay to do your own thing in a relationship sometimes,” she said. “Sorry guys, you know we can’t do everything together.”

The 29-year-old was in New York while talking about his absence (they live in San Diego), and noted that he wasn’t with her there, either. She shared, “He’s at home with the fur baby because he’s on dad dog duty.”

Garrett and Becca recently adopted an absolutely adorable and furlicious (a new Bachelor Nation word for furry and delicious) corgi puppy named Minno. As Becca explained in an Instagram post, her name is a “combo of two things that [Garrett] and I love most: Minnesota and Reno.”

Dad dog duty doesn’t seem too shabby.


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