Chis Bukowski's Comment on Gerard Butler's Photo Is Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Bachelor Nation is filled with many a celebrity doppelgänger. From just this season of “Bachelor in Paradise” alone, we’ve got Derek Peth and John Krasinski, John Paul Jones and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau circa Season 1 of “Game of Thrones,” John Paul Jones and Prince Charming from “Shrek,” and Chris Bukowski and Gerard Butler, just to name a few.

On Thursday, Chris took his lookalike status with Gerard Butler one step further in a hilarious social media comment. The “300” star posted a photo of himself posing pensively on a balcony in a tropical destination with the turquoise water behind him. Unlike some earlier photos, Butler is not clean-shaven and his signature 5-o’clock shadow has turned into a full-fledged beard.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” cast member commented, “Dad?”

Also on Thursday, the 32-year-old posted a photo of himself in New Orleans, and Butler lookalike comments immediately flooded the comments section. Fellow “Paradise” friend Clay Harbor wrote, “Gerard Butler is a poor man version of you.”

He replied, “hopefully this is on next week’s chyron.”

Chris and Butler’s uncanny resemblance has become a joking point during this season of “Paradise,” as evidenced by the nonstop trolling on the chyron in a number of episodes. Some of his descriptors included “Bachelor Series Regular,” “Bachelor Nation Elder” (he’s 32), and “Not Gerard Butler.”

These are all statements of fact, but it’s definitely plausible to doubt the latter just a bit.


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