Kevin Wendt Reveals the Sneaky Way He Proposed to Astrid Loch

Kevin Wendt had a few tricks up his sleeve before he got down on one knee to propose to Astrid Loch.

Astrid and Kevin, who met on Season 5 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” chatted with Rachel Lindsay and Demi Burnett on a new episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” and spilled all the details about Kevin’s romantic proposal and the special meaning behind the ring.

The weather gods and luck were both on Kevin’s side on August 28, the day of the proposal. He essentially had one day to make it all work, because Astrid “was leaving for Tampa on Thursday and it was pouring rain on Tuesday. I last-minute messaged my photographer and asked, ‘Any chance you can hide in the weeds and make yourself unseen for a few hours so I can get a nice photo of me in the moment?’”

Astrid and Kevin apparently had plans to go bike riding and enjoy a picnic on Toronto Island that day. She didn’t suspect a thing, because he framed their outing as a necessity to create a few Instagram ads, which “almost put her in that aggravated mood about doing ads again.”

He explained, “When we set up the ad, I made it seem like I was making the picture perfect, so I told her, ‘Stand over there. I’m going to put the wine glass here.’ When I had her move her bike out of the way, I grabbed the ring out of my bag and shoved it in my jeans.”

Then it was time to ask the life-altering question. He did, and Kevin “could see the moment where I went from ‘Stand here for the ad’ to speaking my heart to her and seeing her face go ‘holy f—king s—t, this is happening.’ Luckily, the photographers were in a great spot to capture that moment.”

Kevin said he’s “never seen that before, her reaction.”

Apparently Astrid is tough to surprise, but he pulled it off anyway! She called it a “crazy, surreal moment,” and said she felt as if “the world paused and stopped moving.”

The native of Canada didn’t pop the question with a Neil Lane bauble, but rather one he designed himself from his family’s store, Wendt’s Jewellery, which has been around for more than 130 years.

He told Rachel and Demi, “I had a really mapped-out idea of how I was going to build it. I just had to go off of Astrid’s little comments about other people’s rings to figure out what she might like.”

Kevin’s main goal was that he “wanted it to be a surprise.” He said, “Rather than having the exact ring that she might pick out herself, I thought I would take more of the effort in blowing her socks off.”

Blown off they were indeed!

Kevin clearly knows his fiancée’s taste and preferences quite well, because Astrid said, “If I designed a ring myself, it would have been this exact ring.”

The 35-year-old started designing the ring in April and got the finished product in May, so it was just sitting there “burning a hole in my closet.” He checked on it all the time to make sure it was still in its rightful hiding place: his closet. Kevin said he even “practiced [proposing] in the mirror a few times.”

Kevin, a hardcore New England Patriots fan, asked quarterback Tom Brady to be his best man in September, but that effort might have been just a tad futile.

For now, Kevin and Astrid are working on trying to tame the stress of wedding planning. They want it to be “romantic” and low-key to suit both of their personalities.

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