Mike Johnson Swears by This One Tool for His Perfect Smile

If this were high school, Mike Johnson would definitely win the superlative of “Best Smile.” That’s a no-brainer.

Mike’s grin left an indelible mark on “The Bachelorette.” It could light up a room and clearly brought joy to everyone else around him on a regular basis.

Many “Bachelorette” fans remarked on this special trait of his and wanted to know exactly what he did to achieve such a perfect grin. After all, he is a dentist’s dream patient. Bachelor Nation asked Mike what he does with his teeth and how he does it. Some of it is plain old dental care, while the other part has to do with good habits.

“Shout out to the Air Force dentist!” he exclaimed. Other than the military dentist and using charcoal, Mike has one contraption that he swears by: a water flosser.

“Water flossing, you do it in the shower while you’re singing. It’s the best thing ever,” he shared with Bachelor Nation.

Watch the video above for his full explanation!


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