This Entrance on 'The Bachelor Australia' Might Make You Cringe

We’ve seen our fair share of grand entrances at Bachelor Mansion over the years. From women arriving in dolphin outfits to men riding in on tractors, an over-the-top introduction is par for the course on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

On “The Bachelor Australia,” however, things work a bit differently.

The show had its Season 7 premiere on July 31 with astrophysicist Matt Agnew handing out the roses this time. There were a few big moments in the first episode, such as contestant Nichole zooming in on a motorcycle, which clearly impressed Matt.

Nichole’s big moment paled in comparison to 23-year-old Rachael’s. She arrived at Australia’s Bachelor Mansion clad in a wedding dress, with a floor-length veil and bouquet of red roses to boot! Rachael even brought along her best friend Tanya to act as her flower girl.

“My name is Rachael and I’m a hot young bride, so we might as well get it started now,” she told the camera.

When Matt first saw her walk up the path, all he could say was, “Oh boy.”

Rachel said in a confessional that Matt is “clean-cut, and I would usually go for a more rugged guy. Hopefully he has a good job.”

There was just a little bit of silence when he explained he’s an astrophysicist. She told him she looked forward to “learning more about it on our first single date.”

You can’t say she wasn’t bold!

Once Rachael walked off into the house, Matt held Tanya back to ask if she had “some tips about Rach.”

“She is a handful,” Tanya replied. “But the good kind.”

Rachael appeared a tad upset that Matt was chatting with her. She even said, “I can’t believe my best friend is stealing my limelight.”

Her introduction inside the house with the other women wasn’t smooth sailing, either. Watch the clip above to see Rachael’s big entrance.

This is one “Bachelor” season we won’t want to miss.


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