5 Memorable Moments from Hannah Brown's 'The Bachelorette' Hometown Dates

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: hometown dates. No matter the season, these meet-and-greets with the final four families always provide a wide range of reactions, whether it’s heartwarming or heart-wrenching.

For the most part, these families greeted Hannah with open arms as she traveled to the West Coast and the South for her dates. She participated in different excursions such as tropical boat rides and prayer sessions at Sunday School. Hannah gained a better understanding of the final four men and the family members who molded them.

These are some of the biggest moments from hometowns in chronological order.

1. Hannah discovers a condom in Peter’s fancy car

The Bachelorette traveled back to Los Angeles — Westlake Village, to be exact — for her hometown with Peter. The pilot picked her up for their date in a black two-door Mercedes C-Class. Consider him a knight in shining car armor. The two of them drove off to an airport where Peter then did what he does best and flew them over Los Angeles. They even waved hello to Bachelor Mansion.

During their drive to the hangar, Hannah did some “investigating” in his car and uncovered a condom right next to a box of breath mints. Peter appeared extremely embarrassed and told her not to flaunt the protection on camera. “I’m safe in everything I do,” Peter quipped.

2. Tyler reunites with his father

Before introducing Hannah to the Cameron family, the two spent the day boating around Tyler’s hometown. They splashed in the water, drank tropical cocktails, and even had a “Dirty Dancing” moment at one point.

Tyler hadn’t seen his father in “weeks and weeks and weeks,” and he knew his homecoming would be an emotional one. The Jupiter, Florida native told Hannah early on that his dad was hospitalized right before he left and he toyed with the idea of not coming on the show.

Tyler and Jeff had a tearful reunion, and it’s safe to say that tears were shed not only onscreen, but offscreen too. He told his dad, “You getting sick was the hardest thing in my life. I want you to see my wife. I want you to see my kids. I want you to be around for all that. It means the world to have her here with you.”

The contractor’s brothers also vouched for Tyler and said he really “stepped up” during his dad’s time in the hospital. Tyler and Jeff’s lengthy hug and heart-to-heart was a poignant moment that Bachelor Nation surely will not forget any time soon.

3. Hannah keeps it real about her trepidations with Luke and admits her feelings

He’s been called “the Luke Ness Monster,” a “douce canoe,” a “5’8” villain,” a bologna thrower, and who knows what else when the cameras aren’t rolling. Despite being a frontrunner since the start, Hannah made it clear during her day in Gainesville, Georgia that she and Luke have dealt with their fair share of ups and downs.

Luke and Hannah began their date at Sunday school, where Luke opened up about some of his own struggles, such as “chasing sex” while in college. He then recounted the moment he found God in the midst of bathing.

“I remember getting in the shower and feeling like I had this weight on me. I remember bawling my eyes out and feeling God talk to me and hearing him say, ‘Luke, let go. Let go and follow me.’ I remember feeling like this huge weight lifted off of me,” Luke shared with the group.

Hannah has said many times that she’s attracted to Luke’s openness and commitment to his religion. However, she admitted to Luke’s brother and sister-in-law, “Luke and I are very far ahead in terms of emotions, but I can also see what the other guys can see. He acted like he had it in the bag and it came across arrogant to me.”

Towards the end of the evening, Luke told her, “Without a doubt, I can tell you that I do love you.”

Hannah admitted in a confessional that she felt the same. “I have a feeling that I’ve fallen — that I’m falling in love with him. I’m falling in love with Luke,” she revealed.

4. Jed’s family shows some ambivalence

Hannah’s hometown with Jed is arguably one of the most important moments from the episode as a whole.

Jed made it clear from the get-go that he came on “The Bachelorette” to propel his music career to new heights thanks to the show’s “huge platform.” She appreciated the fact that he was transparent about his intentions and promised to support his goals. He quickly became a frontrunner and Hannah even revealed she was starting to fall in love with him.

Back in Tennessee, Jed’s music and future became all the verses and the chorus of the date. Lest we forget his mom’s shady toast, “Here’s to everyone trusting their intuition and their gut everyday. When you stick to your truth, it’s beneficial to everybody.”

The Tennessee native’s mom, dad, and sister all showed trepidation in terms of how Jed would balance his aspirations with a potential engagement. When Hannah brought up one of Jed’s previous girlfriends, his mom Gina said, “He’s lived his life before ‘The Bachelorette.’ He’s had his heart broken. He’s been in love. He’s human. He’s been through it all.“

Hannah immediately inquired about whether or not Jed would be ready for an engagement. Gina conveyed, “I wouldn’t have felt this way before just because he’s a musician, and you don’t get a diploma to be a musician. He’s had to have jobs and try to create time and space to do his music. It’s his heart and his soul. He couldn’t go to work full time and do music. His path is different.”

Jed’s sister Lily also stoked some fear in the Bachelorette. She told Hannah, “Making music makes him so happy. Honestly, him potentially falling in love with you — I’m not sure that it’s a good thing.”

5. Hannah can’t narrow it down to a final 3

Once hometowns were said and done, the four men (Tyler’s salmon blazer included) returned to Bachelor Mansion for another rose ceremony. Before handing out the roses, Hannah told Chris Harrison, “How do you compare apples to oranges to kiwi to cantaloupe? There’s no frontrunner. I don’t know where I’m at in my emotions.”

She handed the first rose out to Peter, and Tyler came next. Hannah nervously picked at the final rose and left the room. Luke, Jed, and Peter huddled while they waited for Hannah and Luke stood alone.

You got this Jed,” Tyler told him. He then added a barb directly at Luke, alluding to a dramatic showdown from a previous week. “It’ll be complete baloney if you don’t get a rose. I just don’t think she sees the other side. She gets this Romeo and Juliet bulls—t.”

Meanwhile, Hannah cried to Chris that she “can’t make a decision.”

After a few moments, Hannah walked back as Chris delivered two fresh roses. “I want to continue on with all of you,” she said with a smile.

Jed, however, did not appreciate the fact that her decision boiled down to choosing either Luke or himself. “What the f—k is going on?” he said after the ceremony. “I got a rose but it doesn’t feel like I got a rose at all. It feels like she was choosing between me and a guy who has been a scumbag the whole time. What is this?”

He added, “He’s been a constant toxin throughout all of this. To have it feel like a toss-up — as of now, I am so unsure about all of this.”


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