Nicole Lopez-Alvar's Tweets About 'Bachelor in Paradise' Are Pure Perfection

Do yourself a favor and go read Nicole Lopez-Alvar’s tweets about “Bachelor in Paradise” — all of them.

Nicole has quickly shed her reputation for being that girl who cried a lot and then got free Halo Top ice cream on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor.” In fact, “Paradise” has been a complete 180-degree turnaround for the Miami native.

The 26-year-old became one of the hottest commodities in “Paradise” faster than you can say “Stagecoach festival.” She first caught the eye of NFL player Clay Harbor (and his abs), and they hit it off instantly. A few days later, Jordan Kimball arrived and took her on a zip-lining date. Even after that, she and Clay were still going strong.

Alas, the smooth sailing did not last very long on “Paradise.” It all changed when Christian Estrada arrived. He and Nicole went on a steamy date, and their evident chemistry continued back on the “Paradise” beach. A fight quickly broke out between Jordan and Christian over a piñata, which ultimately resulted in both men being sent home.

Did anyone ever say “Paradise” was boring? Didn’t think so.

Nicole has been live-tweeting the episodes over the course of the season. She’s quickly become a fan favorite thanks to her self-deprecating comments and hilarious remarks. Whether it’s her facial expression while on the zip line or her complicated love triangle, Nicole’s messages do not disappoint.

Check out some of her best Twitter moments below.

Keep doing you, Nicole. Keep doing you.


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