Krystal Nielson Opens Up About Why Chris Randone Makes Her Feel 'Safe'

Married life looks good on Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson.

The couple — who are also affectionately known as Glitter and the Goose — opened up about their recent wedding and the months leading up to it on a new episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour with Rachel & Ali.”

Chris and Krystal chatted with just Ali Fedotowsky-Manno because Rachel was off getting married!

The newlyweds got engaged on Season 5 of “Paradise” and talked to Ali about how they took their relationship back to the drawing board and “the real world” for the first six months after the show.

“Everything is so heightened and escalated in ‘Paradise’ that outside of getting to know someone — because you do get to know someone so much in that amount of time — it is nice to take a step back and do the easier things like basic dating,” Chris explained.

“You hit every hard point in ‘Paradise,’ and when you get out of there, you take a step back and do the things that start and begin a relationship in the real world. Doing the dating, doing the normal stuff, and blocking things out really helped put a focus on what things matter the most in the relationship.

Krystal couldn’t agree more. “Saying ‘I do’ and making that commitment to one another, I feel like our relationship is just in a completely different transcended state where we are a team and have each other’s backs no matter what,” she said.

She added, “For the first time in my life, I really feel safe. I didn’t experience that a lot growing up being with a single mom. It’s so great to have a strong man.”

For an added benefit, Krystal’s dogs Wayne and Chucky “love him.”



Krystal also shared on the podcast what “instantly” drew her to her now-husband. She said, “Chris and I connected on Day 2 talking in the pool. Immediately we just started talking about our childhood, and we both realized that our fathers weren’t a part of our lives and we were raised by single moms.”

This similarity with Chris differed from some of her previous relationships. “I’d always dated people with perfect families in order to feel more full and worthy about myself, but I was really connected to someone who had a similar past as me to really understand me,” Krystal said. “It was really a friendship that blossomed into love.”

Chris and Krystal’s wedding ceremony will be shown on Tuesday’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” and they gave Ali some scoop about their big day. They tied the knot on June 20 at Vidanta, a resort in Nuevo Vallarta. The Vidanta holds a special place in both of their hearts because it was the site of their first date, and where they first said, “I love you” to each other.

To hear what else Chris and Krystal have to say about their wedding and new lives together, make sure to listen to the new episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” now!

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