'Bachelor in Paradise' Can't Stop Trolling Chris Bukowski and It's Hilarious

No one defines “Bachelor Nation veteran” better than Chris Bukowski. Nick Viall comes in at a close second, but Chris takes the cake when it comes to his many appearances on various Bachelor-related television shows.

“Bachelor in Paradise” is not letting him forget it, either. After all, Chris announced he would be “coming out of retirement” for Season 6 of the beloved spinoff, which has caused him to (lovingly) become the butt of jokes about his numerous times on the show.

That became even more evident on the Monday, September 2, episode of “Paradise.” While the chyron at the bottom of the screen usually lists the seasons someone appeared on, “Bachelor in Paradise” decided to poke some fun at Chris.

The “Paradise” Instagram account posted a screenshot of two specific moments in the show where this happened. The top half of the picture lists Chris’ description as “Emily’s Season, Andi’s Season, Bachelor Pad Season 3, Bachelor in Paradise Seasons 1 & 2.” The bottom half reads, “Bachelor Series Regular.”

It’s not not true.

Chris took it all in good stride. He commented, “I feel like it’s a demotion but I’m here for it.”

The 32-year-old’s many times on the various shows relate to his intro segment as well. As the “Paradise” credits roll, Chris is seen ambling down the beach shirtless with a walker.

Even the “Bachelor in Paradise” Twitter page is unrelenting, as evidenced below.

At least he can laugh at himself! Let’s hope the sixth time is the charm for good ol’ Chris Bukowski.


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