Tyler Cameron Defends Hannah Brown: 'That Girl Deserves No Shade'

Tyler Cameron only wants the best for Hannah Brown.

On Wednesday, Tyler wrote a series of tweets that spoke highly of his ex and clarified something that he said happened by “complete accident.” According to the 26-year-old, “Someone DM’d me something that I liked a comment that said I was throwing shade at HB and I must say that is a complete accident.”

Tyler went on to point out a few things about why his alleged reaction to that comment was completely unfounded. He wrote, “For 1 I am very selective for what I like. 2nd, that girl deserves no shade and nothing but success. She empowers women and deserves all the accolades.”

In a subsequent tweet, Tyler praised Hannah because she “empowers women and created so much conversation on how women should be treated.” His second message also said, “I am grateful for our time together and all that I learned from her. Made a joke about ‘clarity’ because that was such a hot topic from the show. Will always support HB and her family.”

A third tweet read, “Will never take away from her and her family. Amazing people. Have a great night.”

Tyler has remained front and center in the post-”Bachelorette” spotlight ever since the show ended in July. He’s been seen around New York City several times with supermodel Gigi Hadid, though he has yet to make any public comments on their relationship.

Hannah, on the other hand, has talked a bit about her communication with Tyler. In terms of his fling with Gigi Hadid and dating other people, Hannah told Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and Rachel Lindsay on an episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” that Tyler “has every right to do whatever he wants to.”

A few weeks later on August 19, Hannah told “Extra” that she had not spoken with Tyler since their night together after the show. She explained to the publication, “I think he’s been so busy. I’ve been so busy. I’m focusing on what’s next for me and trying to get my bearings around this new city that I’m living in. I wish him well. And I know that he does the same for me.”

The 24-year-old poked fun at herself and her failed “Bachelorette” relationships in a video series with “Cosmopolitan.” At one point during the magazine’s “Expensive Taste Test” Web series, Hannah chugged a few flutes of champagne and let the truth come flowing out.

“Do y’all remember that one time I got unengaged?” she said after one glass. “Do you remember that one time I asked another person out on a date on national television after I got unengaged? And then… just read the tabloids.”

Hannah’s season of “The Bachelorette” may be over, but Tyler’s uplifting and positive comments continue.


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