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Hometown: Queens, New York

Occupation: Auto Parts Manager

"The Bachelorette" Season 17 (Katie Thurston)

Brandon is quirky, intelligent and unapologetically himself. He attended Northwestern University where he says he learned to outgrow behaviors that limit his progress as a person. He currently spends most of his weekends at home working on a new skill he’s trying to develop. Currently, languages are a big interest of his – he is fluent in Japanese and Spanish, and is working on expanding his Korean vocabulary. Brandon needs a woman who understands the importance of putting in effort. He’s looking for an equal partner in life and says he could never be with anyone who would issue him an ultimatum. Brandon’s ideal date would be filled with meaningful conversation, delicious cocktails and a nightcap at home, getting cozy over movies and snacks. His idea of a romantic gift is a home-cooked meal or a handwritten letter. For Brandon, it’s the experiences in life and not the material things that matter most.