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Hometown: San Diego, California

Occupation: Zipper Sales Manager

"The Bachelorette" Season 17 (Katie Thurston)

On the surface, Cody is a handsome surfer with a six pack, but he’s a romantic gentleman at heart. When he is not chasing the best waves he can find in the San Diego surf, he is hanging with his boys and making necessary moves to achieve his dream of owning a home by the age of 30. His other dream? Having someone special with whom to share that future home. When it comes to relationships, Cody values nothing more than authentic connections and has no trouble being transparent with his feelings. He prefers to put everything out there for better or for worse. Cody is looking for someone to look past his exterior and see what he is all about inside. He wants someone that is self-sufficient, socially confident, willing to push him and work together with him to drive the relationship forward. When Cody falls, he falls hard. He is the type of guy who buys flowers for no reason and will surprise you in the morning with breakfast in bed. Sounds like every girl’s dream, right?