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Hometowns: Los Angeles, California

Age: 26

Occupation: Bartender

Genevieve is looking for a man with whom she can get lost in their own little world. She is ambitious, confident and persistent, and says that when she wants something, there isn’t much that can stop her from going for it. Her dream man is someone that will let her maintain her independence and always keep her laughing. She wants someone who won’t be afraid to admit that they are wrong or change their personality when they are “bro-ing out” with the guys. They also must have a good relationship with their mother and be able to have deep, meaningful conversations. What Genevieve wants is to find a passionate man who can flirt with her well past the first date and make their love go the distance.

Fun Facts:

  • Genevieve doesn’t like public speaking.
  • Genevieve loves to go fishing.
  • Genevieve says Hailey and Justin Bieber are #RelationshipGoals.