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Estill Springs, Tennessee

Retired Project Manager, 65

Jeanie is a hopeless romantic looking for a partner with whom to share all the joys of life. Giving back to her community is of utmost importance to Jeanie, and she does anything possible to help people and animals. She looks up to others like Oprah, Dolly Parton and Princess Diana who are also known for their philanthropic work. Jeanie is extremely active and loves taking Zumba classes and walking dogs. She considers herself to be very sentimental and likes to keep little memories from dates, like fortune cookie fortunes. Jeanie is ready to look for love with Gerry and says, “I know that I’m strong enough to be alone, but my life would be more fulfilled with someone to share it with.” Gerry, we know you’re looking for a life partner, but do you need a Zumba buddy, too?

Fun Facts:

● Jeanie is a certified scuba diver.

● Jeanie’s favorite color is neon.

● Going to the Super Bowl is at the top of Jeanie’s bucket list.