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Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey

Occupation: Surgical Skin Salesman

"The Bachelorette" Season 17 (Katie Thurston)

Jeff comes from a big, loving Italian family and is looking to find the love that his parents have. For Jeff, family is everything, and he still finds time every weekend to mow his parents’ lawn, do some laundry and sit down for a big Italian dinner. When he’s not chowing down on a plate of his mom’s home-cooked meal, Jeff is dealing with his clients both in and out of the operating room, where Jeff works as an artificial skin sales rep. His family and professional life are in a great place, and now, he is hoping to find the only thing he is missing – love. Jeff is energetic, outgoing and loving to his core. He’s seeking an adventurous woman with a great sense of humor who won’t have trouble giving it back to him when she sees fit. Jeff calls himself an exceptional lover, so here’s to hoping he doesn’t show up and disappoint.