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Hometown: Houston, Texas

Age: 28

Occupation: Industrial Sales Representative

When it comes to living life, Lyndsey likes to just go for it! A small town girl making moves in the big city, Lyndsey isn’t afraid to take great risk if it means great rewards. She is looking for a man who is humble, reliable and ready to be her best friend. Her faith is incredibly important to her and nothing would make her happier than to share that with the man she loves. Lyndsey is ready to stop wasting her time on men who don’t deserve her and find someone who will make her the priority. Lyndsey believes true love is within reach and we hope she’s right!

Fun Facts:

  • Lyndsey W. doesn’t do clowns.
  • Lyndsey W. cannot sleep without a white noise machine.
  • Lyndsey W. says she is much more of a Baby Spice then a Sporty Spice.