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Hometown: West Hollywood, California

Age: 27

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Melina is a bright, fun and charismatic gal who is ready to jump into the arms of the Bachelor, LITERALLY. When she’s not working, she can be found bouncing around the streets of LA in her KANGABOOTS™️, a shock absorbing workout shoe Melina created to make cardio more fun. She lives a fast-paced life that includes shopping for designer clothes, spending time with her horse and eating exclusively from the hot bar at Erewhon. Frankly, she needs a man who can keep up! Her dream partner is incredibly athletic, unapologetic and punctual. She is looking for her best friend and doesn’t plan on slowing down until she gets him!

Fun Facts:

  • Melina is a very skilled jump roper.
  • Melina loves being tucked in.
  • When Melina dies, she wants to be buried in cranberry sauce and stuffing.