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East Haven, Connecticut

Dental Hygienist, 69

Peggy is incredible. She is a dental hygienist who has always put others before herself and has dedicated her life to helping people. Peggy has gone on multiple dental missions where she’s volunteered to serve developing nations around the world. She continues to be passionate about her work and even went back to her dental practice after initially retiring because she missed it so much! Peggy has no regrets in life and says, “I have loved every season of my life. I would not change a thing.” She’s ready to find someone to continue to check goals off her bucket list with and hopes to return home with Gerry by her side.

Fun Facts:

● Peggy has a very cute bichon frisé named Libby.

● Peggy would love to be Jennifer Lopez for a day.

● Peggy is a go-karting enthusiast.