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Aston, Pennsylvania

Wedding Officiant, 66

Susan is quite the catch – she’s loyal, compassionate, has a longtime career as a hair and makeup artist; and for the cherry on top, she’s also a great golfer. When Susan isn’t on the golf course or working at the salon, she loves spending time with her kids and grandkids at the beach. She also enjoys going to concerts, with two of her all-time favorite shows being The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. Susan knows what she’s looking for in a man and hopes Gerry is athletic, funny and honest. For Susan, this journey is all about finding her forever, so here’s hoping she can find that meaningful connection with Gerry.

Fun Facts:

● Susan has a pair of pink go-go boots that she LOVES.

● Susan dreams of having lunch with Kris Jenner.

● Susan loves eating leftovers from the night before.