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Hometown: Highland, California

Age: 24

Occupation: Surgical Unit Nurse

Teddi is a catch. She is beautiful, smart and a total hopeless romantic who is ready to find her soul’s counterpart. Though Teddi grew up in a strict Christian household, she lives by her own rules and has no interest in settling just to settle. Teddi is all about that instant connection and is looking for someone who won’t be intimidated when she asks hard-hitting questions on the first date. While she is all about forming deep connections, Teddi also wants a man who can have fun with her and who won’t be afraid to join her for a late-night skinny dip! Teddi is ready for the real thing and just wants to share her heart with someone who truly deserves it.

Fun Facts:

  • Teddi could eat pasta for every meal.
  • Growing up, Teddi was terrified of ladybugs.
  • Teddi loves massages.