Why a ‘Bachelor Australia’ Contestant’s ‘Plan B’ Got Her Sent Home

When it comes to Bachelor Nation, surprises are bountiful.

“The Bachelor Australia” is in the midst of its very entertaining and dramatic season, and a recent episode upped the ante even more.

Bachelor Matt Agnew sent one woman, Rachael, home after it was revealed to him that she was interested in a crew member. Another woman in the house, Mary, told Matt, “There’s one girl in the house and she’s interested in someone in the crew. I’m talking about Rachael. She’s actually interested in this other person and she asked for his surname and asked for his phone number and things like that.”

A producer then confirmed this even more when he showed Matt a slip of paper handed to a crew member that had Rachael’s phone number written on it. “We’ve checked the number, and it’s hers,” the producer revealed.

While Matt was learning about this unfortunate information, Rachael was chatting with the camera about her “plan B.” She explained, “I don’t feel bad per se that there are other women who have feelings for Matt who have gone home and I’m still here. I don’t feel bad having a plan B either.”

Matt, the handsome astrophysicist just hoping to find love, confronted Rachael about the situation at hand. “It’s a bit awkward, but I’ve just been doing this for a laugh,” Rachael told him.

The 31-year-old Bachelor asserted that the “issue” wasn’t the fact that she had other romantic interests. The real problem at hand was that he sent women home who “all had interest in pursuing a relationship,” yet Rachael remained.

Rachael halfheartedly explained that the whole “plan B” term was “a joke” and she doesn’t “have anything to prove here.”

Matt then sent her home since there was “no point in sticking around because you’re not interested.”

Rachael made waves on “The Bachelor Australia” from the very first moment she stepped out of the limo. She emerged wearing a full-on wedding dress and veil. Her best friend Tanya acted as her flower girl/maid of honor.

She introduced herself, “My name is Rachael and I’m a hot young bride, so we might as well get it started now.”

The 23-year-old even admitted afterwards that Matt wasn’t exactly her type, either. She described Matt as “clean cut,” though she’s usually attracted to “a more rugged guy.”

Watch Matt and Rachael’s confrontation in the videos above!


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