Hannah Brown Discusses Why Demi Burnett Is a Game-Changer for the Franchise

Demi Burnett is singlehandedly changing the conversation about “Bachelor in Paradise” and the rest of the “Bachelor” franchise.

The Texas native came out before “Paradise” premiered and dubbed herself a “queer queen” on Twitter. A super tease for the season showed her kissing a blonde woman who remains a mystery — for now. The first part of the Season 6 premiere showed Demi talking with her best friend and Bachelorette Hannah Brown about her sexuality.

“I have kind of been seeing someone. Plot twist: it happens to be a woman,” she told Hannah. “It’s not something that I need to label, so I don’t need to proclaim I am gay, I am straight, I am bisexual. I just like who I like. It doesn’t matter who or what you are — it’s the person.”

Hannah is extremely proud of Demi and talked about how her decision to be open with her sexuality will change the show.

On a new episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour with Rachel & Ali,” Hannah told hosts Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, “We’ve been moving the needle in the right direction for a while, but we’re changing the game now truly with Demi and her relationship.”

Hannah continued, “I think watching this season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ unfold will show us where this franchise is going. I hope we continue to not just fantasize what love is. Love can be messy. It’s not just this cookie-cutter thing that’s a perfect fairy tale. There’s going to be drama, but it’s not always catty drama. It’s finding out what you want in life.”

The 24-year-old has lots of faith in Demi and knows that she’ll be strong in the face of any criticism or negative comments, especially on social media.

“I think that she is such a strong woman. She’s going to come out on top with this and I’m going to be there for her,” Hannah said.

Demi supported Hannah amid her fallout with Jed Wyatt, and it’s clear Hannah will do the same for her friend.

She shared, “You don’t need someone to sit there and say, ‘I’m sorry’ but just to sit there and throw things at walls. You don’t need someone to make you feel ‘oh poor me.’ We need to rally around that we’re doing the best thing for ourselves.”

Find out what else Hannah has to say about Demi and Tyler Cameron on the new episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour.”

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