This Is Dean Unglert's 'Favorite Thing' About Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes had ever the interesting relationship on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

They started off strong and looked exclusive right from the get-go. Dean shocked everyone — especially Caelynn — when he turned around and broke up with her on her birthday, not long after the rose ceremony. A few weeks and many tears later, Dean returned to “Paradise” looking like a new man after shaving the ‘stache, and asked Caelynn to leave the beach with him as his girlfriend. The 24-year-old happily obliged and they went back to California together.

It’s no secret that Dean’s reputation as a Casanova precedes him, but this time on “Paradise” was different. He talked to Rachel Lindsay Abasolo and Ali Fedotowsky-Manno on a new episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” about what he likes most about the beauty queen whole stole his heart.

For the most part, Dean was on the defensive because Rachel expressed that she is “not a huge fan of Caelynn.” Dean “holds a special place” in Rachel’s heart, and she was curious about what he really liked about Caelynn.

Most of it relates to Dean’s “very sarcastic and dry sense of humor.” He explained, “My friendships involve me giving my friends a lot of crap sarcastically and joking around with them often. My relationships up until this relationship currently have involved me trying to express my humor as I do with my friends, but not necessarily being allowed to do that.”

He gushed about Caelynn, saying, “The great thing about Caelynn is that she is an intelligent person and dynamic enough to take my humor in and spit it right back at me. I’m actually enjoying my time I’m spending with her because I’m not having to filter what I’m going to say because I’m not worried I’m going to offend her.”

Dean concluded, "That’s my favorite thing about her — is that I can be myself, which is a rarity.”

At another point in the podcast, the Colorado native discussed why Caelynn’s reputation on the show works in his favor. In many of his other relationships, especially “Bachelor”-related ones, Dean said he “was always regarded as the lesser version of them and they were slumming it to be with me.”

Luckily for Dean, that problem has gone out the window thanks to his relationship with Caelynn. He told her that because she’s “regarded as a mean, catty person at times,” it “is relieving to me because it removes so much pressure from me to try to prove to other people that I’m worth your time.”

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