Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo's Honeymoon Looks Like a Dream Come True

Honeymoons: They’re all Greek to Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo!

The newlyweds have been traveling around Greece for their post-wedding vacation for about a week now.

They got married on August 24 in Cancun, Mexico, and then jet-set off to Europe for their getaway. Rachel and Bryan started off in Santorini before heading off to Mykonos on September 3. They’ve posted pictures sparingly throughout their honeymoon at first, but that’s on purpose. On August 28, Rachel shared some videos on her Instagram Story and gave a few updates about their travels.

“We know we’ve been a little bit off the grid, but that’s how we wanted it to be,” she said. “We wanted our wedding to be private — or as private as it could be — because we wanted to be in control of what we were able to share.”

Rachel Lindsay / Instagram

Rachel Lindsay / Instagram

Rachel did say that she and Bryan had “pictures coming, we’ve got videos coming we can’t wait for you guys to see.”

Now that time has come! Check out some of their sweet honeymoon photos below.

From glorious sunsets to swims in the crystal blue waters, we sure have vacation envy. Congrats again, Mr. & Mrs. Abasolo!


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