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Hometown: Scituate, Rhode Island

Age: 26

Occupation: Architectural Historian

Jill is full of life and personality. She loves being outside, walking around the local cemeteries and going out for drinks with the girls, but she is tired of being the only single one in her group of friends. Jill is looking for a man with a kind heart who is emotionally mature. Her dream man is someone she can laugh with, have deep conversations with, and someone who she enjoys spending time with more than she enjoys being alone. Physically, she says she is looking for a big, tall, hunk of a man that she can “climb like a tree.” Jill, please let us introduce you to Clayton …

Fun Facts:

  • Jill knows how to identify baby pine trees as male or female.
  • Jill was obsessed with “Twilight” as a teen.
  • Petting a wombat is at the top of Jill’s bucket list.