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Austin, Texas

Retired Educational Consultant, 70

Beautiful Kathy has a contagious zest for life. From walking five miles a day to reading 50 books a year, nothing is out of reach for her. This dynamic lady says, “I am so ready to show the world that a 70-year-old woman has energy, passion, and can truly enjoy life!” For many years, Kathy has worked as an educational consultant where she helps students apply to their dream colleges. She’s also the mom to three amazing children and the grandma to two adorable grandchildren who call her “Kiki.” Kathy loves any activity that puts her in the great outdoors like kayaking, hiking and skiing. She wants nothing more than to go on the adventure of a lifetime with the hopes of finding a love that will be life-changing. We hope so too!

Fun Facts:

● Kathy has been to three continents and hopes to go to all seven.

● Kathy has two adorable geriatric cats.

● Kathy is OBSESSED with Christmas.