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Hometown: New York City, New York

Age: 32

Occupation: Mathematician

For Romeo, math has always come easy. The one equation he has yet to solve though is Romeo + X = True Love, and this Harvard graduate is here to find that missing variable! He is looking for an adventurous woman who is smart, active and motivated. Nothing turns him on more than someone with a curious mind. In a dream world, Romeo would love to find a woman who will spend the day exploring New York’s many museums and, once the sun goes down, will tear up the dance floor with him at salsa night. Like his famous namesake, Romeo is a passionate man and says that he falls hard and fast. Will Michelle be the Juliet he has been searching for?

Fun Facts:

  • Romeo is very interested in clean technology.
  • Romeo wants to go to Burning Man one day.
  • Romeo studied Japanese for three years in college.