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Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Age: 26

Occupation: Previously Engaged

Salley is a real-life Meredith Grey looking for her McDreamy. She is a spine surgery robot operator who keeps a tight circle of friends that she likes to have dinner and drinks with but is a career-focused girl who is usually in bed by 11 p.m. She describes herself as religious, family-oriented and adventurous. She says she wants a man who is loyal, fun and willing to give her lots of attention because, why lie? She loves it! She says that when it comes to relationships, she is incredibly supportive and loves to make her man feel appreciated and wanted. What more could Clayton want?!

Fun Facts:

  • Salley hates cotton balls and can’t be near them.
  • Salley is obsessed with hot tubs.
  • Salley wants to own a clothing store one day.