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Meredith Phillips, a model, makeup artist, and standout romantic hopeful from Bob Guiney’s season of “The Bachelor,” was chosen to be the second Bachelorette. Upon graduating from high school in Portland, Oregon, Meredith attended Oregon State University, where she received a B.S. in fine arts. After garnering her degree, she traveled extensively and pursued a successful career in modeling. Meredith moved to Los Angeles, where she parlayed her modeling work into numerous jobs as a freelance makeup artist for the high-end cosmetics company Bobbi Brown.

Meredith’s run as the Bachelorette began at a cocktail party in Los Angeles, where she met 25 eager suitors ready to fight for a chance at love. Throughout her journey, Meredith brought her suitors to the beautiful cities of Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, Buffalo, New York City, and Dallas. She and her final three traveled to gorgeous San Juan, Puerto Rico, for Fantasy Suites and ultimately the final two joined her in Portland so they could meet her family.

In the end, it was Ian McKee who won Meredith’s heart. Ian, a 29-year-old equity research salesman from New York City, proposed to Meredith in Portland and the happy couple made their debut on “After the Final Rose” on February 26, 2004.