Demi Burnett's Most Meme-able Facial Expressions on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Demi Burnett was a pivotal part of Season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise” for a multitude of reasons. She made history on the show when she came out to Derek Peth and then decided to grow her relationship with Kristian Haggerty, who came down to the beach from Los Angeles.

Throughout the entire process, Demi was open about her emotions, whether it related to her struggles with coming out on television or her disdain for certain events and drama.

She truly came into her own “Paradise” power when she unofficially became co-”Mayor of Paradise” alongside self-proclaimed “Mayor” Jordan Kimball. The two had a ball laughing and poking fun at some of their fellow beach goers. Demi said of Cam Ayala, for instance, “Here’s Cam in his natural habitat: walking alone on the beach and sad. Who’s getting a rose this week? ABC: anyone but Cam.”

Demi’s facial expressions — whether they were in the background or in the middle of conversation — became regular episode highlights. In case you needed any more proof that Demi was made to be used in GIFs and memes, check out a compilation of some of her best looks and reactions below.

Keep doing you, Demi!


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