Hannah Brown's 25 Best Moments

It’s been a year of milestones for Hannah Brown, and now she’s got yet another one under her belt: turning 25.

The former Bachelorette rang in her quarter-century birthday with a stunning performance of a Viennese waltz to Taylor Swift’s “Lover” on Monday’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars.” One judge even dubbed it “the best dance of the night!”

Hannah’s been on quite the journey this past year, and it’s clear that 24 was not exactly the easiest year for her. She’s been open about her struggles and the rather bumpy road to self-discovery, but in the end, it’s all taught her valuable life lessons that she often shares.

In honor of Hannah’s monumental birthday, take a look at 25 of our favorite moments below.

1. Hannah calls out Scott on Night 1 for having a girlfriend

Thanks to Demi Burnett and Katie Morton’s sleuthing, Hannah learned that Scott from Chicago had a girlfriend back home. Hannah called him out and sent him packing, giving us the first glimpse of Hannah’s serious intentions for her time as Bachelorette.

2. Hannah makes her men go through labor pains

Jason Biggs, Jenny Mollen and Hannah put some of her men to the test on one of the first group dates of the season. The guys on the date were hooked up to a labor simulator and… well… it didn’t seem particularly comfortable. Just look at John Paul Jones above. That says it all.

3. Hannah makes the Lukes talk about their feelings

The Bachelorette was fed up with Luke P. and Luke S. talking over each other and fighting, so she had them sit down and talk about their feelings. Luke P. hardly acknowledged any wrongdoing, despite body-slamming Luke S. earlier in the day. Much to her credit, Hannah got up and walked away when in became clear that their conversation would not elicit any type of conclusion.

4. Hannah and Garrett go naked bungee jumping

When in Latvia, do as the Latvians do… and go bungee jumping naked? Though naked bungee jumping is not a Latvian tradition per se, what must be acknowledged is that Hannah conquered her fears and seized the moment with Garrett.

5. Hannah discovers a condom in Peter Weber’s car

Hometown dates are for learning new things about the four finalists and getting to know their families. In Hannah’s case, this involved learning where Peter stashes condoms in his car. Spoiler alert: It’s the middle compartment.

6. Hannah and Peter forever redefine windmills

Some Fantasy Suite dates happen in hotel rooms in exotic locations around the world. In this case, it happened in a windmill. Peter and Hannah made it so that no one can ever look at windmills the same way again. The Season 24 Bachelor revealed on an episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour with Ali & Rachel” that their evening in the Fantasy Suite left some permanent marks, thanks to melted chocolate strawberries. What happens in a windmill, stays in a windmill. Maybe.

7. Hannah goes to “Bachelor in Paradise” to support Demi

The Alabama native traveled to Mexico towards the beginning of Season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise” to check in with Demi. Demi told Hannah before going to “Paradise” that she started dating a woman, but Demi’s time in Mexico only made her more confused about her feelings for both Kristian and Derek. Hannah went down to check in on her BFF and how she was feeling about everything. Now that’s true friendship.

8. “Stay in your lane” becomes the new mantra of the season

Hannah became extremely fed up with all of the men in Scotland, especially because they were fighting about Luke P. She confronted the remaining men and told them that she felt “really defeated from all of you.” She then told them, “Stay in your lane,” and that one phrase was repeated many, many times each episode from then on.

9. Hannah serves up regal looks in Riga

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We already knew Hannah was a literal beauty queen (she won Miss Alabama USA), but she looked like pure royalty in her stunning green Randi Rahm strapless dress and matching shawl.

10. Hannah chugs champagne while listening to men argue with Luke P.

As we saw above, Hannah didn’t hold back when putting the men in their place and urging them to focus less on Luke P. and more on her. Her frustration is palpable in this GIF, and it also illustrates how most viewers felt when listening to the countless fights over Luke.

11. Hannah asks Tyler C. on a date on “The Bachelorette” finale

I’m not blushing, you’re blushing! Okay, maybe we’re all blushing. In an extremely gutsy move, Hannah asked Tyler Cameron out on a date after announcing to the world that she and Jed Wyatt were no longer together. Tyler agreed to get a drink with her one night, and the two were spotted together a few days later. However, that romance seems to have been fleeting, because Tyler is now rumored to be dating Gigi Hadid.

12. Hannah embraces all sorts of local cuisines

Hannah clearly isn’t afraid to try all kinds of food. For instance, she really enjoyed eating haggis in Scotland — that is, before she learned it’s sheep intestines. In the Netherlands, the Bachelorette took a huge bite out of some herring, and Tyler just couldn’t compete. As we saw in Latvia, Hannah and some of the men on her group date traveled around the central market and tasted a variety of goodies.

13. Hannah gives Luke P. a piece of her mind during “Men Tell All”

Hannah admitted many times that she was blinded by her feelings for Luke P., especially their shared devotion to faith. It was faith, however, that pulled them apart in one of the most empowering moments of the show (we’ll get to that, don’t worry). Hannah called out Luke during “Men Tell All” and told him off for shaming her for having sex with other men in the Fantasy Suites.

14. Hannah gets candid about happiness

Hannah responded to an Instagram comment recently that accused her of “pretending” to be happy for the sake of social media. She clapped back at the message and explained she wasn’t “pretending for Instagram.” She wrote, “That doesn’t help me or others. I didn’t even say I was necessarily happy—I have happy moments and find joy in those.”

15. Hannah discusses being “really proud of the woman I’ve become”

As seen in many instances above, Hannah acknowledges the leaps and bounds she’s made in terms of personal growth over the year. She talked about it even more during the live portion of her season finale. “I don’t need a husband — I want a husband — but I don’t need one. I’m really, really proud of the woman I’ve become through this because I am hella strong,” she told Chris Harrison. Yes, you are, Hannah Beast!

16. Hannah tells Luke not to shame her

Unsurprisingly, Luke was less than pleased when Hannah and Garrett both talked about their naked bungee jumping date. Luke got upset because he wanted Hannah to understand that her “body is a temple” and it should be treated as such. Hannah pulled him aside and told him to mind his own business and said, “It’s my body.”

17. Hannah makes “Bachelorette” history

Hannah took her time on “The Bachelorette” into her own hands even more when she refused to send anyone home after Hometown Dates because she couldn’t make a decision. Luke P., Tyler, Peter and Jed all traveled to Greece for the final leg of their journey.

18. Hannah sends Luke P. home after having an epiphany

After their one-on-one date in Greece and before they had the chance to head to the Fantasy Suites, Luke wanted to “talk about sex” with Hannah. Needless to say, it didn’t end well for the Georgia native. He shamed her for having sex with other men and continued to talk over her. He even called her Fantasy Suite decisions “a slipup.” Hannah’s realizations about Luke were apparent and culminated in an empowering moment when Hannah sent him home and told him in the most unforgettable line of the season, “I have had sex. And Jesus still loves me.”

19. Hannah tells Luke, “You’re not my husband”

Here it is again just because it’s so powerful.

20. Hannah gives Luke P.’s van the bird

And again.

21. Hannah breaks up with Jed

It’s hard to call this one of Hannah’s “best moments,” because the situation is rooted in pain and betrayal. However, this makes the list because of Hannah’s refusal to be treated like anything less than her worth. Jed opened up about the breakup and Haley Stevens, whom he left behind in Nashville on an episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour,” including what he meant when he told Haley he’d meet her “at the dock.”

22. Hannah throws shade at Tyler C. supposedly dating Gigi Hadid

Tyler was seen out with Gigi Hadid mere days after his hangout with Hannah, which clearly upset the former Bachelorette. Hannah called in to an episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” and talked about who she’d like to see as the next Bachelor (spoiler alert: it’s Peter). While she acknowledged Peter or Mike “would be great” as the next leading man, she quipped about Tyler, “I think he likes to date around, so maybe he would be a good Bachelor.”

23. Hannah can’t figure out how to make a toast

Just one year ago, Hannah and Colton Underwood went on their first one-on-one date. As they sat down together under a canopy, he asked her to make a toast. It didn’t go very well. At all. They clinked glasses in honor of their date together and her birthday, and Hannah finished it off with, “Roll Tide.” Thankfully, she improved her toasting skills during her time as Bachelorette.

24. Hannah moves the rose stand when Luke crashes the rose ceremony

Luke refused to take no for an answer, so he crashed the penultimate rose ceremony in Crete and asked Hannah for one last shot. She refused. When he wouldn’t leave, Hannah up and moved the rose stand to get away from him. This is hands-down one of the best, if not the best Hannah moment we’ve ever seen.

25. Let’s just look at that moment one more time

It’ll never get old.

Happy 25th, Hannah!


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