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Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Age: 32

Occupation: Physician

Kira is attractive, ambitious and wildly accomplished. She is fearlessly focused and dedicated to achieving any goal she sets her sights on, which is proven by her bachelor’s degree from Harvard, her MBA from University of Pennsylvania, and her medical degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. WOW! She loves her career practicing internal medicine but is ready to put her professional life on hold so she can truly focus on herself for a change. Kira is looking for a mature man who will excite and inspire her. He should be social, always up for trying new things and appreciate the corny things in life. At the end of the day, Kira says she is looking for a man that will look at her the way she looks at french fries and we think she deserves nothing less.

Fun Facts:

  • Kira taught herself to write hieroglyphics as a child.
  • Kira loves nachos.
  • Kira has two cats, Olga and Oksana.