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Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Age: 26

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Serene’s spirit is robust and her passion is strong. When she’s not making a difference in her student’s lives, she loves to spend time relaxing with close friends or planning her next big adventure. Serene knows her worth and what she needs to be happy. When it comes to relationships, she wants to find a man who is truly worthy of her commitment and ready to give her that same level of commitment back. Her dream man is honest, clear on what he wants, and an excellent communicator. He’s open to trying new things, willing to be vulnerable, and ready to have a big family. Serene has a huge heart and a lot of love to give, so we can’t wait to see if she finds our Bachelor a worthy recipient.

Fun Facts:

  • Serene loves the theater but only if it’s a musical.
  • Guinea pigs seriously freak Serene out.
  • Serene has a cat named Leonardo DiCATprio.