An Inside Look at Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo's Romantic Honeymoon in Greece

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Rachel Lindsay Abasolo and Bryan Abasolo returned to Miami just days ago after a romantic honeymoon that took them to fabulous locations (but not windmills) across Greece.

Their honeymoon was the ultimate escape from reality as they dined on delectable food, swam turquoise waters, soaked up sunshine, and reveled in perfect sunsets. The newlyweds traveled to Greece three days after their August 24 nuptials in Cancún.

“Bachelor Nation” got an exclusive look at Rachel and Bryan’s honeymoon itinerary, including including their luxe accommodations and the sophisticated restaurants where they dined.

Their first stop was the Andronis Concept hotel in Santorini on August 27. Fun fact: the hotel was ranked No. 22 on Condé Nast Traveler’s 2018 “Top Resorts in Europe: Readers’ Choice Awards” list.

The Andronis Concept was the ideal locale to kick off their honeymoon. It describes itself as a “wellness resort” filled with “tantalizing beauty and tranquility.” Bryan and Rachel are both fitness and health buffs, so it was a perfect fit. The hotel’s wellness activities and amenities include yoga, massages, facial, body scrubs, and manicures.

The Andronis Concept takes full advantage of its hilltop location, offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea. The hotel consists of 27 suites and villas, most of which have sweeping views of the water and infinity pools. The happy couple dined at the hotel’s chic restaurant, Throubi, on their first night. A “celebration of Santorinian gastronomy,” Throubi’s menu focuses on fresh seafood and meat. Offerings include classic Greek salad; fava beans with cuttlefish, capers, and greens; lobster with vegetables, kalamata olives, and tomato; spaghetti with sea urchin; and Wagyu filet with Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, cashews, and mushrooms.

The next night, Rachel and Bryan ventured to the town of Oia, which also happens to be where Hannah Brown had some of her final dates on “The Bachelorette.” While in Oia, the honeymooners ate at Catch, which features a plethora of Greek specialties and delicacies. Menu choices include sea bass tartar with sea urchin and fish roe mousse; grilled octopus with braised fennel and salsa verde; lamb shoulder with couscous and eggplant; cabbage-wrapped cod with parsnip cream, Brussels sprouts, and coconut fish broth; and mushroom risotto.

On August 29, Rachel and Bryan checked out of Andronis Concept and drove to its new sister hotel, Andronis Arcadia, which opened for business on June 3.

After settling in for a bit, they dined at the hotel’s restaurant, Opson. According to their website, Opson tapped into Greece’s fascinating history for culinary inspiration. The chef worked alongside a classics scholar and they “created a tasting menu based on the dishes enjoyed by philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Omiro.”

Opson's whimsical menu options fall under titles like “Gods,” “Citizens,” “Philosophers & Poets,” and “Farmers & Fishermen.” Some items on the “Citizens” menu, for instance, include brown lentils with coriander, honey vinegar, and olive oil; calamari with fresh fennel; and lamb with artichoke and ancient grain.

Rachel and Bryan did more than just enjoy all the food, of course! Rachel’s Instagram post from Friday, August 30, shows her basking in the sun on a boat in the stunning Aegean Sea. She captioned that picture, “Alexa, look up the definition for ‘best life.’” She’s clearly living it!

That same night, the Miami-based couple walked over to yet another Andronis hotel for a date night. This time, they went to Andronis Luxury Suites’ restaurant Lycabettus. Much like Opson, Lycabettus offers mainly a tasting menu, although there are à la carte options. Some culinary choices include sea bass with almond crust, spinach, and parmesan; chicken breast with Jerusalem artichoke; lamb rack with eggplant, yogurt, and tahini; and a honey parfait with walnuts, lemon thyme crumble, and yogurt ice cream.

Rachel and Bryan’s time in Santorini came to a close August 31. They flew from Santorini to Mykonos and checked into the breathtaking Aegon Hotel, where they stayed for three nights.

The Aegon comprises 76 rooms and suites overlooking the Cyclades islands and the sea. Rachel and Bryan were lucky enough to stay in the Aegon Suite, the hotel’s most upscale accommodation. Their suite features a living room, kitchen, terrace, private pool, and sweeping views. The gorgeous hotel allows guests to choose to either “retreat away from the crowds” or “revive at the beach,” which influences room location.

The Aegon was inspired by the story of Narcissus, one of the most famous tales in Greek mythology. Aegon explains that the Myth of Narcissus “serve[s] as an inspiration, which is reflected throughout the hotel’s design, only to create an immersive, self-indulgent setting.”

Since this is Mykonos after all, the Aegon is home to the “world-famous lifestyle destination Blue Marlin Ibiza,” which offers a “cosmopolitan beach club experience.” (For those wondering, Blue Marlin Ibiza and the Aegon are about 6 miles away from Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. However, Lohan’s club officially closed down earlier this summer.)

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Newlyweds in Paradise 🌹🌴 • • Just wanted to say how proud I am of my wife @therachlindsay ! A couple of months before our wedding I challenged her (myself included) to get “wedding body” ready. I designed a “wedding bootcamp” for her and she met the challenge head on. There were ups and downs throughout the process and plenty of wedding planning distractions, but she stayed more committed and enthusiastic about her fitness than ever before. She asked me to create the program to “kick her a**”, so I did. Although she didn’t necessarily meet her end goal (she sets VERY high expectations for herself, bc thats what bosses do!), she put forth the effort and dedication without complaining to look the best she possibly could in that beautiful wedding dress. As far as I’m concerned...she accomplished that mission! 👏🏼 • • ———————-Morals of the story———————- * Always surround yourself w/ people who believe in you and push you to be your best self * Don’t get overwhelmed by what the final outcome will be or if you’ll ever get there, but rather set small goals and deadlines and work your ass off to achieve them * If you fall short of those goals...challenge yourself by setting another small goal after that. At the end of the day, all those small challenges you set for yourself will lead to big changes! * It’s all about continuing to improve yourself. Make the decision to change and get to work! * It’s always You vs. You...and nobody else! • • #mykonos #RnB #newlyweds #honeymooners #wedding #bootcamp #youvsyou #happyfriday

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After their stay in Mykonos, the Abasolos flew to Athens, where they stayed for one night before flying back to Miami on September 4.

Rachel told Ali Fedotowsky-Manno on an episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” that their honeymoon was “better than I even imagined,” sharing that “Greece was stunning. It was everything that I wanted in a honeymoon. It was relaxing, we were able to immerse ourselves in the culture, but at the same time enjoy each other.”

In the meantime, we’ll be busy looking for flights to Greece.

Welcome back, Rachel and Bryan!


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